Radiocommunication Services include the following:
.   Aeronautical Service

  1. Aeronautical HF Fixed and Mobile Stations
  2. Aeronautical VHF Fixed and Mobile Stations 
  3. Aeronautical Station – Commercial
  4. Aeronautical Ground to Air Station (Glider, Hang Glider and Balloon)
  5. Aeronautical Ground Station (Airlines)
  6. Radio Licence – Aircraft ( take-off weight more than 3,200kg)
  7. Radio Licence – Aircraft (more than 3200kg but less than 14,000kg)
  8. Radio Licence – Aircraft (take-off weight more than  14000kg)
  9. Radio Licence – Aircraft (Glider, Hang Glider and Balloon)
  10. Aeronautical Navigational Aid & Radar(Private Aerodrome)

B.    Fixed & Land Mobile Services  

  1. HF Fixed and Landmobile Stations
  2. VHF Fixed and Landmobile Stations
  3. VHF Repeater Stations
  4. UHF/SHF Fixed and Landmobile Stations
  5. Amateur Radio Licence
  6. Citizens Band Radio Station

C.    Marine Services   

  1. Marine HF Fixed and Mobile Stations  
  2. Marine VHF Fixed and Mobile Stations  
  3. MMSI
  4. Limited Coast Station

D.    Trunk Radio Network  and other Services

ü  Trunk Radio Network

ü  Mobile Satellite Services(MSS) / GMPCs eg Irridium, Inmarsat, Thuraya

Applications forms for A, B, C & D

$   A.   Application Forms :

$  B.     Application Form

$  C.    Application Form

$  D.    Application Form

Application Procedure

The processes of applying for any telecommunication service authorization or license are listed below:

  1. Applicant must obtain, complete and submit the relevant application forms together with relevant documents for Application of Telecommunication Licences or Authorizations and the complete non-refundable Application Fee.
  2. The NATCOM will acknowledge in writing, receipt of the application within five days.
  3. The NATCOM will evaluate the application and respond to the applicant within sixty days.

Application Fee

All applications should be accompanied with a copy of the receipt of payment of the appropriate application fee. See Fee Structure 2014 and Bank details.

Note the following:

  • All payments to NATCOM  should be made through Sierra Leone Commercial Bank
  • Leones equivalent is accepted of the day of payment.