The Corporate Resource Management Department was established as NATCOM's support services arm on 1st June, 2009. The functions of this department include facilitating the process of staff recruitment, compensation and classification, the keeping of proper personnel records and providing quality support services for the proper functioning of the Commission. Over the last year these functions have further grown to include the establishment and administration of benefit schemes and programmes for NATCOM employees and activities supporting employee relations, training and development.

VALUES The Human Resources team values:

  • Quality Service (Service Excellence) - that is responsive, courteous, supportive, and accurate.
  • Highly Ethical Conduct- reflecting honesty, integrity, and fairness
  • Diversity- fostering appreciation of diversity and having a welcoming inclusive and cooperative environment for everyone and unity among all groups.
  • Teamwork- cooperation and collaboration among all staff members of the Corporate Resources Department and with other members of NATCOM.
  • Technology


The Director General of the Commission (DG) serves as the Chief Executive officer (CEO) of the Commission. The Directorate of the Commission is tasked with the development and implementation of the operational strategies for the Commission and provides the Commission with the requisite professional advice for implementing government's telecommunications policies. The Director General oversees the day to day administration of five operational divisions of the Commission.

DEPUTY DIRECTOR-GENERAL: The Deputy Director-General of the Commission reports directly to the Director General, and assists the Director General in the performance of the latter's functions and shall act as Director General in the Director General's absence.

DIRECTOR, CORPORATE RESOURCE MANAGEMENT-CRM: To design, implement and manage strategies and programs that support the core corporate functions of the Commission; to assist the office of the Director General in administering the day to day running of the Commission has the requisite resources human, and material) for the effective execution of the Commission's mandate.

DIRECTOR, CONSUMER/INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS ; To protect the right of the Consumers of Public telecommunications services and prevent abuse from operators; designing, implementing and maintaining the regulations (economic) strategy that promotes fair competition, industry expansion and investments.

DIRECTOR, ENGINEERING & TECHNICAL AFFAIRS: To oversee the management of the nation's "finite natural resources" (radio spectrum inventory and telephone/directory numbers) and establishing key technical standards for ICT-Information and Communications Technology facilities, equipment and terminals. Also provides guidance on spectrum managements and technology issues pertaining to the functions of the Commission.

DIRECTOR of Finance: To manage and administer the financial capabilities of the Commission and effective strategies that will serve to enhance the Commission's financial strength; to continuously secure and maintain adequate cash flow that meets the operational and strategic requirements of the Commission.

DIRECTOR, LEGAL/LICENSING: The Director provides guidance on legal, legislative and licensing matters and represents the Commission and its interests before any Court of Law in legal proceedings involving the Commission. The Director of Legal/Licensing assists the Commission in establishing appropriate licensing regimes for the varied telecommunications services offered by Operators and Service Providers and to facilitate and ensure fair competition amongst industry players and strict adherence to the provisions of the Telecommunications Act 2006 as amended and the adoption of international and regional best practice in regulating the industry.

ACQUISITION OF OFFICE BUILDING Previously owned by the Sierra Leone Telecommunications Company Ltd (SIERRATEL), NATCOM has bought over its office premises on 13 Regent Road, Hill Station, Freetown, housing the Commission's headquarters.

ESTABLISHMENT OF ZONAL OFFICES In a bid to bring NATCOM to the door steps of all Sierra Leoneans, the Commission has accomplished in record time the unprecedented task of establishing six Zonal offices in district and/or provincial headquarter towns of Makeni, Port Loko, Bo, Moyamba, Kenema and Kono.

PURCHASE OF SPECTRUM MONITORING VEHICLE The Commission has purchased a state of art Spectrum Monitoring Vehicle that would facilitate the Commission's functions to manage, allocate, license and regulate the use of the Radio Frequency Spectrum. Specifically, The Spectrum Monitoring Vehicle has the capacity to detect and monitor all radio frequency transmissions; and locate telecommunications transmitters. Essentially, the Spectrum Monitoring Vehicle facilitates the work of the Commission to track down all illegal users thereby protecting our nation's limited finite resources from abuse.

TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT NATCOM recognizes its responsibility to provide an opportunity for employees to develop skills and abilities for full and effective performance within their positions and career advancement within NATCOM. The Human Resources Department has a responsibility to assist in the professional development of employees. The Corporate Resources Management Department with the help of the Director General initiates the professional development process using the Commission's employees' quarterly appraisal system to identify and correct gaps in performance. Through the performance evaluation system, an assessment is made of the training and development needs of the Commission. NATCOM considers employee development as an 'investment' rather than an 'expense'. NATCOM stresses on the urgent need for the commission to respond to the dynamic nature of the environment in which the telecommunication industries operates.

Annual Reports:

1. Annual Reports 2012: Corporate Resource Management