NATCOM'S Mission & Vision

The Commission’s Mission and Vision are contained in its Five-year Strategic plan as follows:


To foster a progressive and enabling environment for the development of the ICT industry in Sierra Leone


To be a leading ICT Regulatory in sub-Sahara Africa

The National Telecommunications Commission (NATCOM)

The National Telecommunications Commission (NATCOM) was established by an Act of Parliament in 2006 to regulate the Sierra Leone telecoms sector, protect consumer interest and ensure fair competition among service providers. The current Board of Commissioners of NATCOM headed by Dr Prince Alex Harding is perhaps the fourth in a row since the Commission became fully operational in April 2007. The day–to–day administration and management of the Commission is entrusted in the office of the  Director General headed by Mr. Maxwell Massaquoi.


Telecommunications Service means service of any description provided by means of any transmission, reception of signals by wire, radio, optical, or other electromagnetic

Regulatory Administration

To generate and administer Licenses/Authorizations for approved services. To set up and enforce standards for communications and ICT Systems. To validate services and verify tariffs where necessary, and To ensure the proper administration of the National Numbering Plan.

Complaints Process

Predatory marketing and unfair services, Inflated or unexplained post-paid billing charges, Malpractices in pre-paid charges, Scratch-card and voucher failures...

Legal & License

The Commission operates a technology neutral licensing regime and has issued the following licences: Second Generation Licence for Mobile Telecommunications - 2G

Latest News

Deputy Minister of Information and Communications, Solomon Jamiru Esq., has expressed his impression about the just concluded National Telecommunications Commission (NATCOM) 2019 retreat for staff and management. The four-day retreat, which was held at the Galliness Paradise in Bo, Southern Sierra Leone, from 4th-7th April 2019, drew the participation of both the Director General and his deputy including the Deputy Minister of Information and Communications and management and staff of the Commission.........

Online Applications

Online applications are programmes, like ones you would use on your computer such as paint or word, that operate online on a website. Online applications may also be referred to by other names like SaaS or ‘Software as a Service‘ All NATCOM applications can be found here.

Fibre Optic

The Governments idea to take full ownership of the project is currently paying dividends to the public while many continue to enjoy a free flow of fast and reliable internet service. The decision taken by the Government to ensure that Sierra Leoneans own the Submarine Fibre Optic Cable was a way of enabling a positive environment in which the private sector can flourish.

Public Notices

A notice providing information for the public that is widespread throughout all types of media. It will be in newspapers, on radio braodcasts and television broadcasts. It includes items such as NATCOM, Government and Development notices.

Manage and Assign the national Spectrum
Encourage fair competition and investment in the sector
Enforce SIM / UIM Card Registration Regulations
Fight against SIM Box Fraud
Support Universal Access to telecommunications services

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