• Ensure a dynamic and enabling work environment that fosters an inclusive human resource through a performance-based system, competency matrices & capacity building
  • The Department’s primary function is to provide the requisite leadership for the Commission’s administrative functions as well as provide professional advice to the DG on all HR matters to ensure the Commission remains an attractive place of work and an employer of choice
  • The Department in collaboration with other Departments develop, manage and implement policies of the Commission in line with the Commission’s Vision and Mission Statements


  1. Braima Ronnie Kargbo, Director, Administration
  2. Hannah Adima Bangura, Senior Manager, Operations
  3. Hawa Christiana Bah, Senior Manager, HR
  4. Francis Lahai Johnny, Manager, Zonal Affairs
  5. Ahmid Kannah, Manager, HR
  6. Vivian Monjama Jalloh, Manager, Talent Management & Succession Planning
  7. Patricia Adamsay Kangbai, Manager, Administration

The Department is divided into two Units:
1.           Operations Unit
2.           HR Unit

  • Provides effective and efficient operations management
  • Fleet Management
  • Facilitation and supervision of activities/programmes of the Commission
  • Management of the Commission’s Estates & Facilities
  • Provide support to other Departments in implementation of activities & programmes

RECRUITMENT Recruitment: The Department takes the lead in:

  • Identification of vacancy, advertisement, interview & selection, orientation, training and Development
  • Reward: Manage payroll and Design motivation schemes
  • Severance: End of service benefits/compensation


Item Total Percentage
Total Staff Strength 143 100%
Female Staff 45 31.4%
Male Staff 98 68.5%
Executive Mgt.: (DG, DDG & Directors) 9 6.2%
Senior Mgt. (DG, DDG, Directors, Deputy Directors & Senior Managers) 17 12%
Senior Managers 3 2%
Managers 21 15.2%