To administer and manage the Commission’s corporate offices in an environment that enhances the recruitment, development and retention of qualified staff, while providing the mechanisms for the efficient and effective procurement.

Units within division and key functions

Human Resources and Employee Benefits

  • Administer and maintain all personnel recruitment and hiring activities (such as advertising positions, conducting interviews, selecting qualified candidates).
  • Ensure equal employment opportunities (by race, gender, age, etc.).
  • Maintain all records and systems for past and current employees.
  • Process, maintain and update compensation system and data.
  • Manage social benefits programs.
  • Prepare employee manual.
  • Administer and process promotions, terminations.
  • Update and maintain organizational charts.
  • Address all personnel concerns confidentially and fairly.
  • Work closely with other divisions to facilitate and ensure the implementation of human resource capacity building programs and activities.
  • Maintain open-door liaison with all employees to address career and workplace concerns and objectives.
  • Ensure that all employees are afforded a supportive work environment.
  • Establish procedures for informing employees of their rights, for hearing complaints and resolving grievances fairly.
  • Serve as liaison with employee unions.
  • Arrange social and cultural events and other morale enhancing activities.
  • Administer the terms of staff Conditions of Service including disciplinary actions and performance appraisals.


  • Manage all clerical and secretarial activities.
  • Ensure appropriate supply of office resources.
  • Ensure that all employees have needed and working equipment, including computers, telephones, electrical outlets, etc.
  • Track and manage inventory, storage, and replacement of supplies and equipment.
  • Ensure that all employees have appropriate working conditions and environments, including comfortable work spaces, working computers, telephones, electrical outlets, any specific equipment for the physically challenged, etc.

Procurement & Services Unit

  • Process and manage all procurement related tasks of the Commission.
  • Prepare public bids, review proposals and select vendors/consultants to address NATCOM’s supply needs.
  • Establish procurement criteria and procedures.
  • Ensure contracts with efficient vendors.
  • Negotiate volume discounts and contract terms on behalf of the Commission.
  • Manage all clerical and secretarial activities.
  • Ensure appropriate supply of office resources.

Facilities Management Unit

  • Manage internal transportation requirements.
  • Maintain the Commission’s premises in working conditions (either directly or through outside contractors).
  • Ensure timely response to required building repairs (both from internal and external sources).
  • Oversee daily maintenance, minor repairs, and cleaning services.
  • Manage vehicle pool arrangements.
  • Administer security services.
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