1. To develop and maintain an effective and efficient national frequency allocation plan,
  2. To monitor and enforce assigned frequency conditions as well as develop and maintain specifications and standards for Radio Communications services.

Units within division and key functions

Spectrum Management & Frequency Planning

  • Develop and maintain national frequency allocation plan/table.
  • Frequency planning coordination with neighboring countries.
  • Frequency assignments to authorized applicants.
  • Equipment standards, specifications, and authorization.
  • Spectrum engineering (EMC analysis, link analysis, etc.).
  • Research to determine existing and future radio communications needs of the country and to recommend policies.

Media and other services 

  • Develop and maintain technical specifications and equipment standards for sound broadcasting services.
  • Develop and maintain technical specifications and standards for television broadcasting services.
  • Certification and maintaining technical specifications and technical standards of maritime communication services.
  • Inspection and certification of Aeronautical communication services.
  • Licensing and inspection of Amateur Radio services.

Service Monitoring

  • Monitoring, analyzing and reporting on compliance of quality of service obligations on regional basis in collaboration with Regional Offices
  • Monitoring, analyzing and reporting on compliance of billing and tariffs of all services in collaboration with Regulatory Administration and Consumer & Corporate Affairs Divisions.

Infrastructure Monitoring

  • Verify monthly and quarterly network operations reports.
  • Perform audits on all core transmission and access networks
  • Monitor, analyze and report on compliance on guidelines on the tower deploy­ment
  • Monitor and ensure that power radiated by equipment at base stations are within safety limits
  • To maintain the database on base stations

Equipment Monitoring

  • Inspect communications equipment at ports of entry to ensure compliance with established standards prior to clearance.
  • Conduct market surveillance and testing of equipment to ensure compliance with set standards.

ICT Security

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