As a Corporate Body with autonomous powers, effective management controls are required to be put in place to guide the National Telecommunications, Sierra Leone. One such management control system is a viable system of financial policies and procedures based on sound regulatory and business practices.

Section 17(1) of the National Telecommunication state that ‘The Commission shall keep proper books of account and proper records in relation to them in form approved by the Auditor General’. In pursuance of the above, the Commission will strictly follow section 63 (1) of The Government Budgeting and Accountability Act, 2005 A-E which states that:

  1. The accounts have been properly kept;
  2. All public moneys have been fully accounted for, and the rules and procedures applicable are sufficient to secure an effective check on the assessment, collection and proper allocation of revenue;
  3. Moneys have been expended for the purpose for which they were appropriated and the expenditures have been made as authorized and that departments or budgetary agencies have adhered to the law relating to procurement;
  4. Essential records are maintained and the rules and procedures applied are sufficient to safeguard and control public property;  and
  5. Financial business has been conducted with due regard to economy in relation to the results achieved.

Mission, Vision and Value Statements

The primary focus of the Department of finance is to provide quality service and sound financial management to the Commission.

  • Promote sound financial management
  • Provide quality services, products, and programs
  • Deliver innovative financial solutions

The Finance Department holds fiduciary responsibility for this institution and provides a wide range of professional financial services, including: cash management, budget planning, accounting, reporting and risk management.

Through our management practices we strive to create a working environment that enables us to use our skills and talents to best serve our customers. The Finance Department staff is aware, and shares the organizations’ dedication to customer satisfaction.

The Finance Department regularly reviews its practices in an effort to continually improve our services by focusing on customers while addressing the needs of all stakeholders, including compliance with existing legal and regulatory requirements.

We aspire to be the preeminent financial department and to set the standard by which other institutions measure success.

  • To improve the management of the Finance Department in order to achieve our mission
  • To review and improve standard processes for core NATCOM objectives, planning and project management to ensure consistent, reliable, accurate and available data/services
  • To foster a service culture which will result in consistency of service to our community
  • To foster and develop an environment within the Finance Department, that promotes an integrated approach to management which is collegiate, creative and collaborative.
  • To increase the revenue base of the Commission by using robust and proactive activities. This include
  1. Invoicing the Operators before the next financial year. This will enhance a speedy collection of the Commission’s revenue.
  2. Making regular contacts with operators to remind them of their obligations.
  3. Negotiate with our bankers for the best interest rates that will earn more revenue for the Commission.
  4. Planning and setting up a departmental budget that will be fit for purpose. This will help the department to track expenditures of the various department and to give appropriate advice to those over spenders. It will also necessitate the calculation of variances and give simple and concise explanation the reasons for such.
  5. Continuous supervision and monitoring of staff activities. This can be achieved by setting up weekly work plan, weekly briefing and weekly reporting by each staff.

Excellence/Quality: We value innovative, timely, efficient, solution-oriented, and cost-effective services and systems. We are committed to achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We provide leadership to the Commission in delivering proactive financial solutions and services in support of the Department strategic plan.

Teamwork: We value the contribution our staff makes in achieving our mission and we support and encourage teamwork and personal development to ensure a high level of competence, expertise, and satisfaction.

Integrity: We provide services in an honest, ethical, open, courteous, caring and concerned manner, respecting all people and the free exchange of ideas. A department without integrity is subject to corruption.

Stewardship: We practice sound financial management and are committed to ensuring the efficient and effective use of NATCOM resources.

One of our major task in the department is to ensure that all monies collected on behalf of the Commission are being used wisely. At the end of the period, a report is sent to the board with advices and recommendations as to what decision they could take in terms of finance.

Communication: We communicate with our customers, partners, and internally to manage expectations and assure the highest levels of satisfaction. We actively seek partnership opportunities and solicit employee and customer input and respond to their concerns.